The Situation

Razor Motor expanded its diverse portfolio to include a successful e-commerce business based in California. Its e-commerce division is dedicated to high-demand automotive parts such as headlights for popular pickup truck brands. With 900 to 1,500 SKUs listed on eBay and Amazon respectively, the online seller needed a centralised solution to effectively manage its product data and save time and resources while exceeding the expectations of today’s empowered consumer. 

 “When we tried to manage all those different channels at the same time, there was a lot of duplication,” explained Paul J., operation manager at Razor Motor.

The Solution

In October 2018, Razor Motor joined thousands of brands and retailers worldwide who rely on Rithum to optimize their product and order management, creating efficiencies and strengthening strategies at every level of their marketing, selling, and fulfilment processes. 

Before, we were doing everything manually so we would have to grab all the data from multiple places, put it into a system, and then manipulate the data,” said Paul. “That would take an entire day, but with Rithum, our staff can focus on other critical areas of our business. Rithum makes it more streamlined where we can conveniently manage all marketplaces in one place.”

Automation has kept Razor Motor’s shipping centre operating on all cylinders with noticeable speed and fulfilment savings through the eBay Order Consolidator. By reducing processing times, the online seller consistently delivers on its fulfilment promise to new and repeat customers. Razor Motor benefits from Rithum’s strategic partner ecosystem as it utilizes ShipStation for printing labels. Additionally, the multi-channel retailer found a powerful and convenient way to list products with the eBay Categorizer, enabling its business to grow quickly.

The Results

Through Rithum’s integration with eBay, Razor Motor saw immediate results: 

  • Within one month of using Rithum, Razor Motor increased GMV over 475%
  • Over seven months, Razor Motor grew GMV over 750%
  • Shortly after implementing the Rithum platform, Razor Motor saw record GMV of $500K during a two-month period

The online retailer is now recognized as a Top Rated Seller on eBay, as well as a power user of eBay’s Order Consolidator and the eBay Categoriser. Confident in its optimized and highly competitive operations on eBay and Amazon, Razor Motor is now strategically planning to expand its marketplace reach. 

“We want to hit one million in GMV by the end of the year,” said Paul, adding that Razor Motor is focused on increasing its SKU count on eBay with plans to expand to Walmart.  “Without Rithum, it would be slower growth and much longer to process orders on eBay.”

Location: Chino, CA, United States