Commerce in Rithum

At Rithum, we build a better world by creating more profitable connections in the right places at the right times, seamlessly delivering commerce in rhythm.

Fulfil your potential

When you join Rithum, you can expect to work with smart risk-takers, courageous collaborators, and curious minds.

As part of the Rithum team, you are valued, supported, and included. Guided by a transparent culture and accessible, approachable leadership, we offer career opportunities aligned to your ambitions and talents. To foster a work-life balance that works for you, we also offer an array of resources to support you and your families. This encompasses robust benefits and wellness plans, ensuring your overall well-being is well-supported.

At Rithum you will:

  • Partner with the leading brands and retailers in the world.
  • Connect with passionate professionals who will help support your goals. Participate in an inclusive, welcoming work atmosphere.
  • Achieve work-life balance through remote-first working conditions, generous time off, and wellness days.
  • Receive industry-competitive compensation and total rewards benefits.

Total reward benefits program

We offer a full range of competitive benefits to support our employees inside and outside the office.

Work Environment
Competitive Compensation
Private Medical Insurance
Life & Disability
Superannuation With 10%
Matching Contribution
Professional Development
Employee Assistance
Program (EAP)
Rewards and
Recognition Program
Paid Time Off

Our values

Rithum’s workplace in one built on a foundation of trust, transparency, equality, ownership, and humility.

Our values

Rithum’s workplace in one built on a foundation of trust, transparency, equality, ownership, and humility.

Customers first

We always prioritise the long-term best interest of our customers first, and then optimise for company outcomes. When our customers win, we win.


When we commit to get something done, we do it. We make commitments to our customers and our teammates, and we do all we can to keep those commitments. When we can't, we communicate proactively.

Courage over comfort

Always doing the right thing is hard. It requires courage to speak up when the group is leaning in another direction, courage to be vulnerable in search of the truth, and courage to take risks. Without courage, we lose the ability to innovate for our customers and, inevitably become average.

Be a great teammate

We're better together. We're here to support and empower each other so we can win together. We assume positive intent and give feedback even when it's hard. We follow the golden rule. Even in our toughest moments, we can look back and be proud of how we act.

Better today than yesterday

We are never satisfied, never sitting back. We work hard every day for our customers, never accept the status quo, always ask questions to learn and understand, and are scrappy in how we solve problems for our customers.

The Heartbeat of Commerce

On December 12 2023, we launched Rithum, establishing a new beat to modern e-commerce by uniting two industry leaders—CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor under a single brand.

Rithum enlisted the artistic and award-winning talents of the Beatbox Collective from London to generate launch excitement during the company’s employee event. Have a listen to the Beatbox Collective perform Rithum’s very own track, the Heartbeat of Commerce.

Featured teams

Rithum is a global, customer-first company, seeking the best of the best — no matter where they live. Among the positions we are hiring for include:

Product Development

Develop and integrate cutting-edge technologies to address existing challenges, improve efficiency, and enhance user experiences that open up new possibilities.

Software Engineering

Combine your technical, project management, and problem-solving skills to create software systems adhering to the highest quality, reliability, and security standards.


Enhance the brand and grow our customer base through an ongoing pursuit and commitment to understanding and delivering value to customer needs in an ever-changing marketing landscape.


Balance your technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and business acumen to help our customers find the right solutions to their technological needs and business requirements.

Finance, Legal, HR, Customer Success and Other Operations

Rithum maintains a multifaceted operations team to support the needs of a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. Investigate the many opportunities available in Finance, Quality Assurance, Customer Success, HR, Legal, and the many other departments across the company.

Our hiring process

This is a quick summary of how we manage the hiring process at Rithum. Given the diverse array of roles within our organisation, please be aware that the process may vary depending on your region and the specific team that you’re investigating.
STEP ONE – Application

Begin your journey by submitting your application. Explore our job listings, click “apply” for roles that interest you, and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

STEP TWO – Conversation with a Recruiter

Connect with a talent acquisition specialist via phone or video. We’ll discuss your background, skills for the position, why you want to join Rithum, your knowledge of us, and your potential contributions.

STEP THREE – Dialogue with the Hiring Manager

If your profile aligns, you’ll speak with the specific position’s hiring manager. This involves a deeper review of your experience and competencies, plus your chance to ask questions.

STEP FOUR – Team Interviews

Collaboration is crucial. You’ll meet various team members, discussing core skills necessary for success. You might also be asked to deliver a presentation.

STEP FIVE – Functional Exercise or Assessment

Depending on the position, we may present you with a role-specific task or work simulation. This will evaluate your functional knowledge and problem-solving approach. For candidates pursuing technical roles, you may go through role-playing, specifically around coding. This process is collaborative with the interviewer. Together, you’ll tackle a challenge within a shared environment.

STEP SIX – Hiring Decision

This is where we make it official and welcome you to the team. Our talent acquisition specialists work closely with the hiring team to assess each candidate’s performance against the specific job criteria. Together, they make a collective decision and work through the specifics of an offer, including compensation, benefits, and onboarding.

Fingers crossed. You’ll become a member of the RithumNation.

Supporting our community and planet

At Rithum, we are active members of our local communities and committed to serving them through our thoughts, time, and actions.

People working in modern office
Celebrating Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Celebrating Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging

At Rithum, everyone can thrive. We have an inclusive culture that celebrates differences in backgrounds, thoughts, and opinions. Through our focused wellness, support, and employee-led groups and efforts, we strive to deliver work-life balance and devote time to local communities beyond our walls.

Path To Greatness
Environment, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG)

Creating a more sustainable world

At Rithum, we’re dedicated to creating a better world that enriches people’s lives — a world that is more efficient, effective, and sustainable. Using asset-light inventory and delivery consolidation solutions, we help our customers build more sustainable businesses that produce more profits and less waste.

Join the heartbeat of commerce

If you want to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that is shaping the future of e-commerce, then we have a job for you.

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