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Retailer Discovery

Instant access to hundreds of channels and retailers

Grow your brand with access to a larger network equipped with powerful tools and access to hundreds of channels, major retailers, and the right partners for your business. We’ve spent the last 25 years building an expansive network and relationships with the world’s leading retailers. It’s a solution that’s purpose-built to give you the breadth and depth to:

  • Easily search or browse hundreds of channels
  • Get introduced to major retailers
  • Dial in your business profile to increase match rate
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All-Access Onboarding

Adaptive onboarding built just for suppliers

Meet retailer requirements with precision and ease. Our onboarding experience not only simplifies your process, it also has tools that make onboarding smarter and more efficient. The result: less time spent managing and more time dedicated to making your e-commerce operations run smoothly and efficiently with a solution that gives you:

  • Real-world order scenario simulations for instant validation
  • In-depth insights and robust reporting tools for progress tracking
  • A support team and skill-enhancing modules at your fingertips

Connect your products to more

Quickly find the right partners and keep sales moving with our streamlined retail connection process.

One-to-many scale

Easily partner with multiple retailers, so you can turn more reach today into continued e-commerce innovation for tomorrow.

Operational efficiency

Manage all your operations from a single solution that provides a direct line of communication with your retailers.

Data to help you grow

Get clearer insights and make faster, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics that deliver more clarity across all your channels.

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