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July 11, 2024

Retail Fest 2024: 4 Lessons from Brands on Creating Lasting and Profitable eCommerce Businesses

That’s what barbecue manufacturer Weber, apparel retailer Azura Fashion Group, and mattress brand Zinus told Rithum during our panel discussion at Australia’s 2024 Retail Fest event.
Brands & Suppliers, Channels, Cross Border Trade
Read Time : 4 Minutes
July 01, 2024

Amazon Prime Day: How Sellers Can Navigate Inventory and Retail Media Ads in Real-Time

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is July 16-17. Learn how sellers can manage inventory, order processing, marketing automation, promotion management, and analytics on Amazon through Rithum’s integrated commerce solution. Plus, there is still time to optimize your retail ad strategy this Amazon Prime Day.
Read Time : 4 Minutes
Blog, Video
June 24, 2024

Calculate Your Brand’s ROI Using Forrester's Calculator

Learn how to use the interactive Forrester Consulting ROI Calculator to see the estimated benefits you could have with Rithum's Commerce Solutions.
Read Time : 2 Minutes
June 21, 2024

Retail Media Trends at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

Retailers and brands shared the latest trends on retail media advertising at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this week – specifically as a growth driver. As third-party cookies go by the wayside, retailers and brands are looking at new ways to target consumers with relevant ads.
Retail Media Advertising
Read Time : 3 Minutes
June 13, 2024

Rithum Names New Chief Revenue Officer, Lou Keyes, to Drive Global Growth for the Company

Today, Rithum announced the appointment of Lou Keyes as its new Chief Revenue Officer. As Chief Revenue Officer, he will lead Rithum’s sales and marketing teams globally.
Read Time : 2 Minutes
June 12, 2024

Rithum Introduces AI Magic Mapper for Brands: Reduce Time and Effort for Channel Expansion

To help brands reduce time-to-site by automating categorization, Rithum today announced the latest: AI Magic Mapper.
Artificial Intelligence
Read Time : 3 Minutes
June 11, 2024

Retail Media Explained: What Brands and Retailers Need to Know

As third-party cookies go away, retail media ads offer a profitable option for targeted advertising. Brands looking to boost sales through retail media ads can do so by leveraging valuable first-party data.
Digital Marketing, Retail Media Advertising
Read Time : 4 Minutes
May 20, 2024

How AI Optimizes Networks in 3P Supply Chains

Retailers are facing tighter margins that can hinder profitability. It’s important for retailers to understand how best to optimize their 3P supply chain. Rithum can help retailers increase profitability while enhancing fulfillment and shipment transparency with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Fulfilment & Delivery
Read Time : 5 Minutes
Blog, Report
May 13, 2024

Reduce Overhead Costs with a Multi-Channel Selling Strategy Solution 

Rithum is a channel management solution that serves as a single-to-many connection. This reduces the technical resources from managing multiple unique marketplace integrations.
Read Time : 3 Minutes

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