The Situation

Superdry previously worked with a middleware platform to manage its marketplace presence. However, as the company sought to expand internationally, the provider couldn’t meet Superdry’s desire to expand into key target markets. Superdry set out to find a new e-commerce technology provider with established industry partnerships and long-standing market expertise.

To achieve its goals for global growth, the brand needed the ability to launch in new marketplaces quickly, efficiently manage and optimise its e-commerce programme and better understand its target customers. Plus, the previous Superdry spreadsheet-based marketplace data management approach was time-consuming, taking focus away from more strategic priorities. 

As Superdry looked to expand its sales channels, the company needed a partner that could provide reliable order notifications and ensure all its systems worked together. That way, it could provide a positive customer experience regardless of where shoppers purchase.

The Solution

Drawn by the breadth of channels available through its platform, Superdry started working with Rithum – a Rithum company, in 2018 to support its channel expansion and online growth across UK & Europe with a more centralised approach to e-commerce management

First, Rithum helped Superdry focus on its key markets and launch in marketplaces that best fit the brand and values.  In any new partnership, first impressions last.  

“The Rithum team earned trust with Superdry through expertise and guidance during onboarding,” said Charlotte Wilson, Head of Ecommerce. “Whilst the Rithum system is clear and easy to use, the team really made sure that we were competent in using it and had the knowledge to make the changes we needed.”

Working with the Rithum Managed Marketplace team, Superdry was able to simplify and automate many of its existing marketplace management processes. Instead of manually managing and updating in Excel spreadsheets, Superdry can now set up products with ease and launch online quicker. This reduction in manual processes has allowed the team to focus on more strategic priorities, investigating and launching new channels while optimising trading and marketing.

In addition to helping Superdry grow through established marketplaces, Rithum has also opened up new opportunities with major fashion retail sites. Now, the company can sell through integrations developed in collaboration with Superdry as a result of a close partnership between the teams and a thorough understanding of its strategy and business priorities.

Superdry works hard to understand the different audiences on each marketplace and has used these insights to adapt processes across the business. For example, Superdry now knows its trend-focused audiences on some of their marketplace channels prefer to buy new season products earlier than on owned sites. As a result, the company has made adjustments across the business to ensure that content and stock are ready early for specific marketplaces with technology to support fast product uploads.

The Results

In just two years, Superdry grew its marketplace sales by 67%. It has also expanded to nine additional channels in three years, totalling 27 global marketplaces. The company has heavily invested in its partnership with a major European fashion marketplace and is now live across all 15 local sites.

Going forward, Superdry plans to continue focusing on marketplaces now that it has seen the channel’s growth potential and has firm foundations with the technology and processes needed to support this growth. The team is also focused on some significant integrations in 2023, including more UK & European pure-play e-commerce fashion marketplaces.  Rithum’s recent acquisition by Rithum means Superdry now has a unique mix of services and products to support new projects. 

With a continued focus on growth, the Superdry team is keeping a keen eye on the bottom line, looking at ways to grow contributions to make sure it remains profitable.  

“We recognise that more marketplaces are getting into a ‘pay to play’ model with their retail media offerings, and a constant investment is needed to get traction on our key channels,” said Wilson. “However, keeping a check on marketing spend to ensure it’s focused on channels and product lines that are really profitable will be a priority this year and key to hitting return on investment targets.”

Location: Cheltenham, United Kingdom