“Rithum has proven expertise in ecommerce leadership which helps us amplify our commerce solutions and help ensure they seamlessly join up across our channels and business systems.”

Henry Swift
Head of Online Commercial at M&S.com

The Situation

M&S partners with Rithum to enhance customer experience and grow revenue without incurring inventory cost and complexity.

The Solution

Rithum is supporting M&S’s digital transformation journey by providing its unified Commerce Suite, for the flexibility to stay ahead of consumer expectations through any e-commerce partnership model, including marketplace, e-concessions, hybrid and more. Commerce Suite enables M&S to quickly expand assortment, boost customer engagement and loyalty, and attract new customers, while maintaining profitability with more agile and flexible merchandising and fulfillment.

“As M&S continues on the next stage of its transformation and reshapes as an omnichannel retailer, we wanted a strategic partner that could help us deliver a best-in-class shopping experience for our customers. Rithum has proven expertise in e-commerce leadership which will help us amplify our commerce solutions and help ensure they seamlessly join up across our channels and business systems,” said Henry Swift, Head of Online Commercial at M&S.com.

M&S has tremendous focus and commitment to knowing their customer, and by combining Rithum innovation with their retail expertise, M&S is empowered to create a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

Rithum’s Commerce Suite solution provides comprehensive e-commerce tools to help retailers like M&S grow their online business. With Commerce Suite, M&S can quickly onboard new suppliers, manage orders and handle returns more easily. These capabilities enable M&S to offer more products to customers without the need for additional, owned inventory and increases the ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand.

“The SaaS solutions and extensive commerce network that Rithum brings to the table made partnering with Rithum a clear and easy decision for our team,” Swift says.

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