MyJewelleryStory (MYJS) hit the ground running in 2013 with a successful pre-sale event on Groupon. Scaling rapidly, MYJS is now an international business with their own production facilities employing over 30 staff and a dozen freelancers with processes that are on par with other global brands. Dedicated to creating high quality fashion jewellery that is affordable to all, MYJS succeeds in online retail and high volume B2B wholesale. Now with nearly 5,000 SKUs on their e-commerce website, it’s expanding rapidly, selling on eBay and Amazon in AU, the US and the UK. Additionally, the company’s reach includes Catch and MySale in Australia. David Yau, Founder of MYJS, has concentrated on high efficiency and new technologies to spur smart business growth, which helps create the highest quality product, workflow, and e-commerce back-end.

The Situation

“When we first got started, we had no infrastructure. The first Groupon deal was 1500 orders and we had 3 weeks to bring the goods over from China.”

He fondly recalls, “We were packing all the orders from my bedroom and did this for about a year.”

MYJS started on the eBay marketplace following their success on Groupon. At the time, the company used freelancers to upload thousands of products manually. Consequently, scalability proved to be a time-consuming challenge with the potential for significant human error.

With the volume of orders increasing at a considerable rate, and having freelancers manually managing the back-end of the MYJS operations, Yau recognised Rithum was the ideal solution if he wanted to scale his business successfully.

The Solution

In early 2014, Yau sought Rithum’s strategic insight and e-commerce expertise to help his business scale and sell more efficiently on eBay and launch into the US and UK. Through Rithum’s marketplace integrations, MYJS seamlessly launched on Amazon US, UK and Australia, and subsequently, to Catch AU and Amazon AU. The capabilities and ease of using the WiseRobot integration made rapid growth a reality. When moving to their Magento store, WiseRobot met the jewellery brand’s needs through a simplified user experience, enabling MYJS to utilise custom features for their store.WiseRobot and Rithum easily harmonised the back-end of MYJS’s Magento store with the operation of their marketplace presence.

“Simple integration, everything works,” comments Yau. “We got our products into Magento in just one afternoon.”

Yau has been able to direct his team to focus on their core business while trusting in the  best-in-class service that Rithum and WiseRobot consistently deliver. He recommends sellers concentrate on optimising their operations and leave the heavy lifting to proven industry leaders like Rithum.

“Focus on what you do best and let the experts do what they do best,” suggests Yau. “What we do best is jewellery.”

With Rithum’s support, MYJS plans to launch on MySale and Amazon Japan as well as expand its reach to European marketplaces. The Rithum and WiseRobot integration has made operations simple, straightforward and without human error. The time-saving efficiencies have set the stage for MYJS to build localised versions of their website for Europe and Japan.

Yau adds, “[Our current workflow is to] list products in our Australian store, then they go live on our Australian marketplaces in a couple of hours and automatically go live in the UK and the US. As we go into Europe and Japan we expect the same workflow to work as well.”

The Results

  •     Time-Saving Efficiency

Powered by the Rithum platform, MYJS has achieved time-saving efficiencies from a single, streamlined interface that are key to its continued e-commerce success as an international and omnichannel seller.  As the result of an optimised multi-channel approach, the brand now boasts an average of 50% YOY growth.

“Efficiency comes with the elimination of human error,” explains Yau.  “If you add a new listing before you go to sleep, you should see it being sold worldwide by the time you wake up.”

  •     Superior Customer Service

MYJS continues to benefit from Rithum’s technologies and personalised customer service.

“[The technology is] stable, easy to use, and the support is top-notch. They aren’t focused on closing your ticket as fast as possible,” says Yau. “Instead, they have such in-depth product knowledge, and I can tell that they really want to solve the problem at hand.”

  •     Easier Data Management

According to Yau, his business has changed drastically since integrating with Rithum and WiseRobot. MYJS no longer relies on manual bulk uploads. 

“One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is that 95% of the manual work is gone, about 3 hours a week of general upkeep is all we need.” A big difference from relying solely on manual bulk uploads.

  •     New Channels & Customer Acquisitions

In addition to expanding its marketplace reach, MYJS leverages its multi-channel presence to attract new and returning consumers. E-commerce is a competitive landscape with only the most savvy jewellery brands capable of getting their products in front of the right customer, at the right time. 

“We know our customer jumps between platforms looking for the best deal” explained Yau. “Therefore it’s crucial that we are on every platform the customer might search for us”

Yau says this is one of the driving forces behind his decision to partner with the Rithum Marketplaces Solution. Yau explained that many MYJS customers make their first purchase on Amazon or eBay, but returning customers shop directly the jewellery retailer’s website.

“By having the capability to reliably show up on as many marketplaces as possible, MYJS is continuously gaining visibility, gaining new customers and increasing sales,” says Yau.  “We’ve been able to optimise our brand’s online presence, using marketplaces as a customer acquisition channel.”

The rapid growth and bright future of MYJS is perfectly aligned with its ongoing relationship with Rithum and WiseRobot.

As Yau put it, “After we expand into Japan and Europe, we’re thinking to expand into Southeast Asia. We know that Rithum is infinitely scalable. The platform makes MyJewelleryStory able to utilise marketplaces and scale efficiently with stability.”

Location: Sydney, Australia