The Situation

When the team at Fossil decided it was time to make marketplaces a bigger part of the company’s growth strategy, they knew a partner would be needed. Since each marketplace has its own unique requirements for syndicating product feeds, expanding to new channels quickly and efficiently simply wouldn’t be possible without a way to streamline the process. 

“We knew that we needed a company that could… make it a lot more accessible for such a big company,” says Senior E-Commerce Merchant Stefani DeBerry, adding that her team was looking for a partner to help aggregate information so the team could manage multiple marketplaces “in a single place.”

The Solution

After trying another integrative system first, Fossil decided to turn to Rithum instead. The business really needed a flexible solution that would allow it to launch quickly and easily on numerous platforms, and to easily manage numerous e-commerce channels within one single portal.

Rithum was precisely what was needed. The platform’s transformation engine collects all product data once, and then feeds it to each individual marketplace according to that channel’s specific requirements.

The result is a simple, streamlined approach for creating a consistent brand experience everywhere the company sells.

“I was luckily able to be a part of the new integration with Rithum,” DeBerry says. I really got to see it from the beginning and [watch it] grow into being something amazing.”

The Results

“Through Rithum, we were able to grow our sales exponentially in the e-commerce area,” says DeBerry. “Rithum makes it very easy for us to be able, as a merchant, to really focus on product and selling, instead of having to focus on the nitty gritty.”

So… what’s next for Fossil?

“I think what excites me the most is that e-commerce continues to grow every single year,” DeBerry says. “Marketplaces are expanding and the customer is constantly changing, so it’ll always keep us on our toes.”

Location: Richardson, TX, United States
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