The Situation

With rapid business growth comes growing pains. Growing from its origins in a double-sized closet to a 14,000-square-foot office space in New Jersey, Bling Jewelry has expanded exponentially both  offline and online. Today, the popular brand boasts 48 employees who manage 14,000 SKUs across multiple marketplaces. Keeping pace with consumer demand and the burgeoning volume of product listings proved to be an ongoing challenge. Moreover, navigating business rules across multiple channels became a complex, costly and time-consuming task.

The Solution

Bling Jewelry’s impressive growth demanded a superior e-commerce optimization solution. Rithum’s unrivaled automation capabilities within its powerful platform helped the online seller manage its massive inventory. Through Rithum Marketplaces, Bling Jewelry can quickly adapt to product and pricing changes from a single, streamlined interface. Rithum enables Bling Jewelry to consistently manage and monitor its performance, optimize data feeds, reduce errors, drive sales — and maintain its competitive advantage.

“For example, the currency change,” explained Elena Castaneda, Bling Jewelry CEO. “We change the pricing in one place and it changes in every currency within a matter of minutes. It’s almost magical!”

The Results

Rithum’s ease of use and its long-standing relationship with Bling Jewelry have helped the top-performing retailer expand its marketplace reach globally and accelerate revenue growth.Today, Bling Jewelry competes and wins in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

“Rithum makes it so easy because everything is centralized,” added Castaneda. “Now, we have about 44 marketplaces, including international marketplaces. We are big
sellers on Amazon. Every time Amazon opens up in a new country, Rithum is right there to help us.”

Location: North Bergen, NJ