Zalando’s Partner Program: Your Gateway to the Zalando Platform

Launched in 2012 and currently has more than 400 active Partners.

In 10 years of e-commerce, Zalando has developed cutting-edge digital capabilities. Their Partner Services represent a broad spectrum of services and products, such as Partner Program, Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS), and Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS), all aimed at helping their partners overcome challenges in their digital value chain by leveraging Zalando’s technology, marketing or convenience strengths.

Value Proposition

The Partner Program is your gateway to the Zalando Platform, offering growth opportunities and advantages to all parties. Innovative technical solutions allow brands, retailers, and even offline players to sell their products via Zalando’s Fashion Store. As a result, customers benefit from increased assortment choice, and the ability to shop multiple brands at a single destination with maximum convenience.

Why should you join the Partner Program?

  • Access 32 million active Zalando consumers across 17 markets – make use of an additional sales channel with an opportunity to clear your stock.
  • Take advantage of Zalando’s strengths and experience – in customer acquisition, retention, and penetration rate with around 380 million website visits per month and 110 million app installs. You can also make use of their platform services to overcome challenges in your digital value chain!
  • Maintain full control over your marketplace activities – from stock ownership, assortment, product imagery and pricing to market roll-out and logistics set-up.
  • Let them cover the administrative pain points – Zalando takes care of payments, fraud insurance, and customer service.

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