Miravia is a new e-commerce model in Spain, which provides the user with a new shopping experience. It is both a marketplace and an entertainment space where consumers can access a wide range of products from their favorite brands, will also be up to date on the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, providing innovative experiences such as exclusive content created by influencers or virtual reality glasses where they can try different makeup products. It is also a unique platform for retailers and brands where they can have their own stores, with absolute freedom to design, select products, define prices and promotions, interact directly with customers and users, and apply their own loyalty programs.

About Miravia

Miravia was founded with the mission of creating a unique experience for sellers and users, offering different sales possibilities and a wide variety of authentic products and brands.

Our vision is to build the future e-commerce leader in Europe through a platform that shows brands to the world in an innovative, fresh and much more attractive way.

Miravia’s technology allows brands and sellers to be totally autonomous with their strategy: product selection, pricing and marketing. Sellers will also be able to consult metrics and customise their promotions to better understand their customers’ behaviour and increase their sales.

We welcome you to Miravia. Thank you for trusting us.