Thousands of potential customers daily in search of the best products and the support of the Éxito and Carulla brands.

Exito is the leading retailer in Colombia and one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces with over 7 million visits per month. With an offline operation spanning more than 70 years and an online presence for over 20 years, Exito is one of the most renowned brands in Colombia.

The company strategy is built on five principles: the client comes first, innovation, agility, teamwork and a passion for results.

Exito sells a wide variety of categories including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Beauty & health
  • Home & decor
  • Apparel, shoes and accessories
  • And others…

These are just some of the many categories sold on Exito’s website. The marketplace started in 2014, and now they have over 1,200 local sellers and 120,000+ active SKUs.

Exito allows for sellers to manage all their content in English and translates it automatically to Spanish. It also allows for listing prices to be in USD, avoiding exchange rate volatility that could affect sellers’ earnings.

Exito’s international operation counts as a logistic operator partner with distribution centres in the USA, England and China. The cross-border model allows sellers to sell in Colombia with both Colombian taxes and international shipping costs being taken care of by Exito.

Joining Exito’s marketplace allows for an unlimited number of products in your catalogue, and provides entryway into a rapid growth market like Colombia and a partnership with Colombia’s biggest retailer.

Exito has seen a +120% growth in the first half of 2020!

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