We’ve recently been inundated with customers wanting to know more about Trade Me. It may be that retailers have been seeing the marketplace and its success in the news lately, or it may be that sellers are becoming more comfortable with cross border trade and are looking to take that next step. So, due to popular demand, here are some tips about New Zealand’s most popular marketplace!

  • Know if Trade Me is for you

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes. Trade Me is well segmented from millennials to those aged 65+. This means that essentially, whatever your target demographic is, they’re on Trade Me! Trade Me was established in 1999 as an auction style website. It’s now a transactional marketplace with over 4.2 million members and 848,000 people visit the site daily. With a demand from the member data base for a wider range and more global brands, Trade Me opened the international seller program over 7 years ago. It was the consumers themselves that shaped Trade Me from nationally focused to a global player. Trade Me listed and grew with agility, and it is you that New Zealand consumers are searching for on the marketplace.

  1. Launch with success

Launching with Trade Me is a simple process that can take between 3-4 weeks.

  • First, arrange/enable B2C NZ Shipping
  • Sign and return the commercial agreement
  • Begin supported integration and build (this is where Rithum is a key partner in the process) Launch on Trade Me with support from the management team to maximise opportunities
  1. Optimise, optimise, optimise

Whether you’re new to marketplaces or a have a longstanding multi-marketplace strategy, it will come as no surprise that optimisation is key. Trade Me’s search is largely driven by product titles. Tailor your titles accordingly and ensure the most relevant information is included in your listings. This will increase the chances of items being displayed within search results. True automation and integration is about optimising your data for the specificities of each marketplace. Want to know more? Ask us about Rithum’s business rules.  

Take a look at Why you need to launch on New Zealand’s Number One Marketplace here for a handy checklist to help you launch with ease. As always, if you have any questions about Trade Me, launching internationally, or marketplaces in general, please reach out and contact us today.