As third-party (3P) commerce becomes the standard business model, brands must quickly and accurately adapt their marketplace expansion strategies. To help brands reduce time-to-site by automating categorisation, Rithum today announced the latest: AI Magic Mapper. The new tool empowers brands to automate the labor-intensive process of aligning products with marketplace categories. This is a new way to optimise channel expansion efforts and minimise listing friction across Rithum’s network of 40,000 retailers, brands and suppliers.

Time-intensive and resource-intensive tasks like uploading a product catalog to a new channel can slow down a business’ marketplace expansion strategy. In early testing, AI Magic Mapper achieved 99% accuracy in category recommendations for a clothing and apparel company with approximately 14,000 products – all in minutes compared with hours previously.

These new capabilities are available to brands in the US, UK, Germany and The Netherlands.

“In today’s market, businesses need to move faster and smarter to achieve growth. AI-driven tools will help them stay ahead of the competition,” said Aarthi Ramamurthy, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Rithum.

“By reducing the time for sellers to onboard, they can now start selling faster across multiple channels at the click of a button. Over the past year, Rithum has made significant strides in integrating AI to help automate our customer’s greatest pain points,” Ramamurthy said. “The AI Magic Mapper is a game changer for e-commerce businesses looking to diversify their marketplace strategy and increase speed to site.”

Increase speed and scale with AI to achieve profitable growth

Whether a brand is onboarding a sales channel for the first time or expanding its marketplace presence, AI Magic Mapper streamlines the channel expansion journey. With products pre-imported within Rithum’s platform, AI Magic Mapper bridges the gap between catalog and marketplace listings by automating categorisation.

Here are three benefits of using AI Magic Mapper:

  • Intuitive Category Mapping: Select the target channel and then associate the product assortment using predefined labels. Rithum’s AI Magic Mapper will automatically categorise your products. What previously required hours of arduous work in spreadsheets now takes only minutes. This is especially helpful for larger catalogs featuring thousands of products across multiple categories.
  • Spot-checking and Refinement: The AI Magic Mapper provides a detailed view of recommended categories, complete with the ability to review product images, titles, and descriptions. This facilitates easy spot-checking and further refinement based on specific criteria, allowing for swift adjustments and optimal category alignment. Once categories are suggested, a quick review process allows for immediate adjustments. This ensures that every product is perfectly positioned for success. Alternatively, brands skip the calibration process and go directly to the review and confirmation process. This is useful with smaller product catalogs.
  • Quickly Visualise and Curate Your Product Catalogue: Unlock new features with AI Magic Mapper that allow for unparalleled visualisation, search, and curation of your product catalog. Handpick the right products for any marketplace with ease – and exclude those that don’t align. This allows brands to quickly adapt to market demands and opportunities for profitable growth.

Using AI for category and advanced attribute mapping processes

The vision for AI Magic Mapper extends beyond category mapping to a more intuitive product field mapping process. Soon, Rithum will also introduce an advanced attribute mapping process, guiding users through the selection of mandatory and optional attributes to enhance product listings, effectively positioning brands’ products in the marketplace to further drive sales.

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