The following case study features a global home brand that relied on Rithum Marketplaces to help centralise its marketplace integrations, allowing the company to save valuable resources and instead, focus on reaching new audiences.

This popular home brand made the pivot to a direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy and now sells its portfolio of products and accessories online, shipping to more than 20 countries, including the UK. As a newly-formed company, this online brand aims to set itself apart from its competitors by producing products locally, bringing innovative items directly to consumers in multiple countries while supporting local economies. 

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The Challenge

Initially, the company says it focused on online sales, which meant potential opportunities on marketplaces such as Amazon were largely neglected. To retrieve orders from Amazon, the company’s e-commerce team says it relied on an API connection that was developed in-house. This was a complex process, and as a result, the company reports that its marketplace accounts were periodically closed due to late or unshipped orders.

The company’s marketplace manager recalls the home brand needed to pursue a more visible role and meaningful presence on Amazon as well as expand its reach to access multiple markets. With the company’s heavy reliance on Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and hundreds of daily orders coming from multiple locations worldwide, the marketplace manager relates that it was critical to have intelligent surveillance of product demand coupled with insights into inventory management.    

We needed a reliable solution for order management, FBA inventory planning, and ad campaign management. We also wanted to take advantage of the integration with different marketplaces to expand our presence in Europe and the US,” explained a company representative.

The Rithum Solution

The home brand says its e-commerce team selected Rithum Marketplaces to help centralise its marketplace integrations. The company notes that Rithum helped their e-commerce team operate more strategically, expand into new channels with ease and provide unparalleled visibility by automating critical tasks and optimizing performance. According to the brand’s marketplace manager, the D2C brand relies heavily on the Amazon Ads console within Rithum Marketplaces to help manage hundreds of complex campaigns and continue its global growth.

What’s more, the company reports it uses Rithum First Party (1P) Solutions to help streamline orders, optimise shipping and logistics and maintain accurate inventory data for demand planning.  As the company addresses challenges and expands the brand’s presence on global marketplaces, its management team enjoys a strong working relationship with Rithum’s experts in Europe and the US. 

The Results

After partnering with Rithum, scaling its business, and implementing procedures for growth, the brand reports it experienced a 220% increase in revenue over a one-year period. At the same time, the company says its global operations expanded to include five additional marketplaces. Currently, the company is actively selling on 18 marketplaces through the Rithum platform.

“Thanks to the ad management and automation functions [of the Rithum platform], we are successfully managing hundreds of campaigns in nearly a dozen different markets,” added the brand’s marketplace manager. 

A company representative says they would recommend Rithum for sellers looking to expand their reach and accelerate their marketplace growth internationally. 

“Rithum is the best solution for centralizing and optimizing all activities related to marketplaces,” commented the company representative.

In the future, the popular online brand says it plans to expand its product portfolio and launch new brands exclusively on Amazon with Rithum’s help.

“Rithum will play a vital role in better managing a large selection of products and brands,” added the marketplace manager.