• Consumers want a seamless shopping experience and that includes getting online purchases to their doorstep. 33% of consumers have increasing expectations for fast shipping and 93% want to stay informed throughout the delivery process. This is driving the need for more agile, responsive, and transparent fulfillment.
  • What if you could get a complete solution for delivery management, including predicted delivery promise; branded, consumer-facing notifications and order tracking; end-to-end monitoring; and automatic rate shopping?
  • An integrated suite reduces TCO and increases efficiency compared to managing point products

Consumers have come to expect fast, reliable shipping and those retailers who fail to deliver not only lose sales but lose customers. In fact, getting delivery right and keeping consumers informed post-purchase has become mission-critical in the Now Economy where 33% of consumers have higher expectations for fast shipping and 93% of consumers want better information that keeps them updated about product delivery. It has never been more important than it is now to nail the delivery part of the customer journey because your CX depends on it, as 47% will not order again from a brand with poor delivery visibility.

How an integrated delivery solution can help streamline shipping and enhance CX

Retailers and brands have spent years trying to tape together point solutions or build CX tools in-house from scratch. Adopting either of these tactics tends to cause more pain than gain. Creating an excellent post-purchase experience requires a completely integrated solution, one that taps into critical real-time data to trigger proactive, on-brand experiences. From the moment a shopper purchases a product online, through the delivery tracking journey, to the excitement of opening the box, it is important that the consumer feels personally engaged with your brand.

According to Bringg Barometer’s: State of Retail Delivery & Fulfillment report (500 enterprise retailer respondents), 44% are managing multiple fulfillment channels with disparate technologies, and 61% cite problems with visibility into the last mile. Retailers can avoid these challenges along with the time, expense, and impact on CX that comes with them, with an integrated delivery suite vs. an assortment of point products. This eliminates the need to purchase or outsource multiple solutions and then allocate resources (people, time, money) to integrate them into existing systems, while giving you visibility to proactively communicate with consumers and increase loyalty.

Retailers and brands on the Rithum network can create that ideal experience with minimal friction. We’ve partnered with leaders in delivery fulfillment capabilities—Shipium, parcelLab and Project44—to give our retailers and brands access to unique capabilities for improving the delivery experience, all in one integrated solution – Delivery Suite. Now, you can seamlessly curate, automate, and optimize your entire shopping and post-purchase experience to create happier, more loyal consumers who shop again and again.

The post-purchase experience starts by setting the right expectations during shopping. Rithum leverages data from 15,000 supplier brands and retailers on our network, and hundreds of millions of transactions to accurately predict delivery based on warehouse processing times, inventory levels, and carrier transit times. This proprietary algorithm produces a promise date that you can display on your site at multiple points in the shopping journey. Once a consumer places an order, that date becomes the key element in the next algorithm – rate shopping.

Instead of depending on generic carrier SLAs, you can save cost and time of delivery with a rate shopping engine based on predictive modeling from past performance. By modeling millions of shipments, we can know how fast each available method will take to ship from point A to point B. This data, combined with pre-integrated carriers and rate cards, finds the optimal carrier and shipping method to meet expectations without overspending. And, once an order has shipped, Delivery Suite predicts if an issue will occur about 30 hours faster than if a carrier were to notify you. That early notice lets you get ahead of issues to turn negative experiences into positive, loyalty-building opportunities.

And every piece of this information can be accessed in a single window by your team to manage carrier performance, partner performance, and respond to customer calls.

Leveraging data and automation is at the heart of a great customer experience. Even the most beautifully designed “your delivery is on the way!” email will not create an impact unless the consumer gets the full scope of tracking information they need. We’ve empowered the Delivery Suite with branded tracking and notifications to sit on top of our powerful dataset, so that you shouldn’t have to choose between integrating/consolidating data across your supply chain and creating high-quality customer communications. Now you can keep control and focus on your customer experience without wasting time chasing cluttered data.

If you’re on a mission to access better data to create a better post-purchase experience, we can help. Contact us.