MyDeal started in 2011 as a daily deals website. By understanding the needs of consumers and seeing ashift in consumer behaviour, it converted to a marketplace in 2018. It is now the only marketplace dedicated to the home and garden categories. It provides Australian consumers with over 500,000 lifestyle products across 3,500 departments and provides retailers with exposure to over 1.5 million customers.

Simon Kelly, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Rithum was joined by John Barkle, Head of Marketing at MyDeal, to discuss how retailers can thrive in the current e-commerce environment. You can download the full webinar here, and take a look at some key takeaways below:

The Consumer

Understanding how to succeed on marketplaces is dependant on understanding who the consumer is. MyDeal’s demographic is 62% female and 38% male, with almost 50% between 25 and 44 years of age. Around 80% of customers associate MyDeal with home and garden categories and 63% shop online at least once a week. The main drivers for its consumers are price and quality.

How Does it Work?

The MyDeal homepage shows over 14 sales events every day with up to seven new sales events launched daily. This attracts over 1 million unique visitors every month. Barkle says that category and sales pages are vital when it comes to winning the customer. Shop By Room is a new way to navigate the marketplace with category levels flattened to help customers navigate based on ‘room-logic’. Another element that’s vital for conversions is transparency when it comes to product pages. Retailers and brands should include as much information about a product as possible.

Promotional Opportunities

Brands and retailers often ask us the best way to advertise on marketplaces. Leveraging MyDeal’s promotional opportunities means that you can take part in daily Sales Events, Sponsored Seller Events, Shop & Earn Events, Home page placements, EDMs, push notifications and social media posts. When it comes to sales events such as Click Frenzy, MyDeal has come out on top as number one top retailer visited during the period! This means that your visibility is increased when you take part.


You can integrate seamlessly with Rithum and the MyDeal marketplace. You integrate through e-commerce platform APIs or the MyDeal Universal API. (CSV and FTP feed integrations are also available when required).

Whether you have a multi-marketplace strategy, you are new MyDeal or you’re already successfully listing on the marketplace, understand how to truly leverage what MyDeal has to offer and boost your strategy to get ahead of the competition. Download the MyDeal and Leveraging the Marketplace Boom webinar for more insights and actionable insights.