The past 18-months has seen an increase of consumers making purchases online across many categories, the home & garden sector is no exception. With consumers spending more time than ever at home there’s been a huge surge in everything from desks to outdoor furniture. In a recent survey by Rithum and Dynata, we found that 45% of consumers have bought home and kitchen items online in the past 12 months. This presents a real opportunity for brands by increasing their online presence and generating more sales. 

Marketplaces are the perfect avenue to reach new customers and build a strong online presence. Their prevalence is continuing to grow with 45% of respondents in our survey revealing they’d discovered products by browsing online marketplaces. Consumers are also looking outside of the big marketplaces such as Amazon for alternatives. Now is the time to capitalise on this curiosity and eagerness to buy home and garden products online. 

If you’re looking to increase your global marketplace presence here are three that you should take a look at.


As one of the most visited e-commerce sites in France, Cdiscount racks up more than 23 million unique visitors a month. With 14,000 sellers, home and furniture has become a priority category for the marketplace. Cdiscount has developed strong partnerships with the press, a bi-annual showroom in Paris and a rich promotional calendar. One of the advantages of Cdiscount over other marketplaces is its powerful logistics network, specialising in delivering large products and one of the largest systems of pick-up points in France and continental Europe. 

Sellers on Cdiscount are fully supported during their first month with a dedicated account manager. The monthly fee of €39.99 excluding VAT, allows sellers to add an unlimited number of product listings. Cdiscount charges commission on sales depending on the category of the product – this is usually between 5-22%. Be aware that all product listings must be in French and all sellers are required to provide customer support services available in French. To get more information visit the Cdiscount website.  


CDON was founded in 1999 and today boasts over 120 million visits and 2.3 million customers in 2020 alone, CDON has quickly become the leading marketplace in the Nordic region. Household appliances and home & garden are 2 of the top-performing categories for CDON. As the winner of ‘Best Online Store 2020″ from Prisjakt, this marketplace is experiencing growth above its competitors for both consumers and sellers. 

Pricing of goods on CDON is down to the individual sellers, though it must be in line with the sellers own e-commerce site. Sellers pay a monthly fee of €30, commission up to 15% per sale along with a €1 service fee per order. A condition of selling on CDON is that sellers must be able to deliver and receive returns from the countries they choose to sell in. But with the average basket size coming in at €75, there are plenty of opportunities for sales. Visit CDON for more details. 

Digitec Galaxus

Positioning themselves as the go-to online shop in Switzerland, one in every four Swiss inhabitants purchase from Digitec Galaxus regularly. Split into two sides – Digitec focuses on electronic devices, while Galaxus is their online warehouse with 14 different categories including household, home & living and DIY & garden. They offer an all-inclusive custom clearance solution to assist traders to make seamless sales. The marketplace received more than 20 million monthly visits.

Those wanting to sell on Galaxus need to have good quality product data along with an exceptional track record of delivering on-time 98% of the time. Unlike other platforms this marketplace doesn’t have a monthly fee, the charges incurred are solely commissioned on the items sold. For home and garden products it’s between 12-15%. Galaxus is developing a German and Austrian marketplace platform, creating an exciting opportunity for sellers to reach even more new customers. Visit Digitec Galaxus for more details. 

Expanding your reach with marketplaces

Marketplaces offer a great chance to expand your reach. With Rithum you can scale your business with ease to hundreds of global marketplaces and retail channels without building new integrations Take a look at the channels we support and talk to our experts about how we can help you increase your visibility and success on online marketplaces.



*Corporate statistics provided by Cdiscount, CDON and Digitec Galaxus