While 2021 and 2022 planning were characterised by pandemic considerations and an unprecedented e-commerce boom, marketers in 2023 have economic uncertainty and more marketplace competition than ever to contend with. We’ve put together our biannual e-commerce calendar to help you proactively execute campaigns with all the important dates you need to know for the first half of 2023. 

The calendar includes a list of best practices to tackle from January to June, including important e-commerce conferences, webinars, inspiring success stories, expert tips and more.

What to Look For in Q1 and Q2 2023

You may want to start the year off with a bang by planning for excess inventory. Or, you may be looking forward to the Retail Fest and iMedia events on the Gold Coast. The Rithum calendar includes a ton of helpful tips and reminders, including:

  • Important upcoming holidays with reminders to start planning
  • Channel-specific tips for digital marketing and marketplaces
  • Webinars, case studies, eBooks and other resources for guidance and tips
  • And more!

Our biannual calendar goes beyond traditional spring holidays like Australia Day and St. Patrick’s Day to help you plan for every audience and aspect of your e-commerce program. For instance, don’t forget cultural and regional holidays like Chinese New Year or times when schools and office buildings might be closed, such as Easter. These are prime opportunities to appeal to consumers’ urges to celebrate and shop available deals in their downtime. 

Whether you print it out or keep it safely tucked in your inbox, make sure your calendar stays visible so important dates and upcoming campaigns stay top of mind. 

Download a free copy of The 2023 Essential E-Commerce Calendar: January-June now for tips and dates to help you stay organised throughout the second half of the year.