Helping Retailers Manage Returns Globally

ZigZag Global is an SaaS platform that helps retailers manage and resell returned stock in local markets. ZigZag’s technology and workflow solutions streamline and optimise your returns process. Its mission is to improve customer service and international returns proposition of online retailers, reduce costs, boost customer retention and increase sales.

ZigZag Global is pleased to announce the launch of its partnership with Rithum. Through its plugin integrated into the Rithum platform, ZigZag is able to provide brands and retailers with a one-stop-shop solution offering quick and easy service for both domestic and cross-border returns, giving retailers immediate access to a global network of over 220 warehouses and more than 100 courier services in 195 countries.
ZigZag helps retailers to:

  • Improve sustainability
  • Reduce costs
  • Boost refund speed
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction

ZigZag strives to improve the overall image of the retailer and stimulate the growth of online shopping. Integrating with ZigZag via the Rithum plugin takes less than 15 minutes, and the ZigZag team is available to walk you through the process step by step. By using the ZigZag returns platform, retailers save money, customers get faster refunds and stock is back in the supply chain more quickly.

With a range of services to help you manage, track and resell your stock, ZigZag helps ensure you are up and running in no time!

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