About Smart Warehousing

Through its network of 32 tech-enabled fulfilment and warehouse facilities, Smart Warehousing enables next-day delivery and, in some areas, same-day delivery in the United States. The company manages millions of shipments a year for thousands of customers — everything from direct-to-consumer packages to full truckloads destined for retailer distribution centers. Its omnichannel capabilities allow clients to leverage inventories across all channels, reducing costs and improving service levels.

Based in Kansas, Smart Warehousing is one of only a handful of companies that offers inventory management, storage, fulfillment and transport of both small parcel orders and full pallets within the same network. The company accurately stores, picks, packs and ships for a wide variety of customers, from e-commerce start-ups to Fortune 500 multinationals. Smart Warehousing is helping companies of all sizes engage with this new digital world of selling everywhere to everyone. In the next 10 years, leveraging its proprietary platform, the company envisions having a physical presence in the top 100 US markets.

What differentiates Smart Warehousing as a logistics provider is its technology. Its proprietary software gives companies seamless, cloud-based access to their inventories and supply chains. They have full visibility to what products are in the warehouses, what is on the road, what is in process and what has been delivered to customers. The status of an order is the key to customer satisfaction. The business intelligence, based on reliable data and packed into the technology platform, offers customized, almost unlimited alignment across the many different channels and supply chains.

The biggest differentiator today is the ability to truly customize a solution with technology. Companies must control not only the physical space, but the virtual space as well. Smart Warehousing’s technology brings these two key components together to put the control in the hands of the decision makers, wherever they sit in the supply chain. Truly aligning these two worlds is the only way to provide critical data to help companies compete and grow.

Smart Warehousing is very excited for this new phase of production and distribution. Brands need to engage with their customers and Smart Warehousing is perfectly positioned to help broker those relationships. With Rithum’s unique blend of advanced technology and e-commerce expertise, they help ensure brands and retailers have everything they need to create meaningful connections with current and new consumers. Their leading platform transforms product data into outstanding experiences across all marketing, selling and fulfilment activities, on each of the world’s leading channels. Teaming up with best-in-class partners like Rithum will spotlight Smart Warehousing’s capabilities and allow for these introductions to happen at an even faster pace to a larger and more diverse pool of companies searching for these solutions.

Welcome to the future of buying. Welcome to the future with Smart Warehousing.