Paysfer emart: Stand out from the crowd while creating a positive impact

Paysfer emart is a US-based online marketplace that provides third-party sales of all goods. The company was launched by a team of several NYU alumni and current students who have a vision of supporting local small businesses that were struggling during COVID-related lockdowns.

Customers can enjoy the ease and convenience of online shopping while knowing that they’re:

  • Receiving the best price for every item purchased
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Creating a positive environmental impact

What sets them apart from other e-commerce platforms is direct shipping from vendors to consumers rather than using warehouses. This allows Paysfer to charge lower commissions to vendors and lower prices to their customers, while eliminating the wasteful energy expenditure that can come from warehouses, in addition to the possibility of wasteful amounts of packaging.
As part of its outreach to the community, Paysfer gave over 300 struggling small businesses and 14 public companies the opportunity to sell on its site with zero initial fees for three months. As Paysfer grows, it plans to hire more NYU students and expand throughout the US and, eventually, worldwide.

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