InterCultural Elements  =  A-Z Cross-Border Trade solution

InterCultural Elements (ICE) offers a Rithum-specialised A-Z solution which expands your sales into both international & domestic markets. As Rithum’s CBT partner since 2007, ICE helps grow your business, diversify your risks and cover all expansion aspects.  All services are performed directly from your Rithum account:

Cross-border trade consultation

ICE consults with you to create a cross-border trade strategy to suggest which items should be sold where, when and in which order.

Professional human in-house translation

ICE offers in-house translation from our team of native speakers; we use no translation machines.

In-house languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • English (including variations for American, British, Australian, Canadian)

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Country-specific localisation

ICE localises your data into other languages and cultures, including changing sizing, prices, browse nodes, categories, item attributes and all information needed for successful cross-border trade.

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Rithum account updates & improvement

  • No new software to learn or buy; all services directly from your Rithum dashboard
  • Utilise Rithum’s international listing capabilities
  • Rithum expertise and account optimisation
  • Rithum spreadsheet creation and upload services
  • Posting error resolution

Our Rithum integration at ICE


ICE supports all countries for the following marketplaces directly from your Rithum account:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Fruugo
  • Tophatter
  • Newegg
  • Rakuten
  • Sears
  • Walmart
  • Wish
  • CDiscount
  • Mano mano
  • SKU Cloud (Formerly Flubit)
  • Market
  • Go Sport
  • VogaCloset
  • TradeMe
  • Catch

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Multilingual e-mail customer service

InterCultural Elements responds to your foreign customer e-mails without the stress of hiring and training your own multilingual customer service team. Our in-house customer service team responds to emails in their native languages and in European time zones, giving you higher customer satisfaction & feedback.

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Global returns

Our partner offers local return addresses across Europe, North America and Australia, allowing your buyers to return items to a nearby location and then sends those items back to you in bulk, saving costs and leaving you with a higher profit margin and customer satisfaction.

How ICE can handle your returns

Mutual Rithum clients will tell you that our goal is simple: offer an A-Z Cross-Border Trade solution to overcome all challenges you face when expanding abroad.

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