Transforming Transactions: Bringing Connection to Commerce With Checkout on Instagram

Since the earliest days of Instagram, Instagram users have loved to discover and shop for brands that inspire them. Instagram launched shopping tags on posts in 2016 to make it easier for people to learn more about the brands and products found on Instagram, and now more than 130 million Instagram users are interacting with shoppable posts each month.

With the announcement of Checkout on Instagram, Instagram is enhancing the shopping experience by simplifying the path to purchase, making it more convenient and secure than ever. The extension of product tagging to creators enables more ways for people to discover brands and buy products via the people they follow.

Checkout on Instagram offers the following benefits:

  • Give users a simple path to purchase: Checkout enhances the shopping experience by making the purchase simple, convenient and secure. People will be able to place orders directly on Instagram, and payment credentials are securely saved in the app for future purchases.
  • Reach new audiences in authentic ways: As a business that uses checkout, you can approve creators to tag your products in their posts and stories, giving people even more opportunities to discover your brand.
  • Meet new customers where they are, at the moment of inspiration: Instagram users love to discover and shop from brands that inspire them, with more than 130 million people interacting with shopping posts each month. Checkout brings your products closer to shoppers without sending them out of the app.

Instagram’s Unique Position

Instagram is uniquely positioned to support the way people shop today. Many shoppers begin their shopping journey with visual inspiration and are transacting on mobile. With shopping on Instagram, brands can forge relationships through imagery and facilitate seamless mobile transactions.

Bring connection back to commerce and create a better shopping experience.

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