Exborders: E-commerce without limits.

Every business starts small. You start in your neighbourhood and then expand within your city. And soon enough, with a bit of enterprising, the whole country can access your products. But then, more often than not, you hit a dead end.

Getting your products to the global marketplace is no easy task. To sell your products internationally and become a truly global brand, you must navigate through unchartered territory, while encountering a new set of obstacles at every turn. From setting up end-to-end logistics, to managing customs clearance, to promoting your brand in an unfamiliar space, the challenges can sometimes be daunting.

Enter a new paradigm. Exborders breaks down barriers and makes online markets more accessible to you. By providing end-to-end logistics, warehousing and access to the major marketplaces in the world, your dream of becoming a global brand just became a reality.

Having partnered with all major e-commerce players, Exborders provides a single window to sell your products on multiple marketplaces in one go. All you need to do is register with Exborders, and we take care of the rest.

Exborders has offices and fulfilment centres across USA, UK, UAE, India, Singapore and China. And since the entire logistical process is owned by Exborders, the cost of the product is reduced at every stage of the delivery. Exborders also has uniquely constructed algorithms to calculate product pricing, inclusive of shipping costs, exchange rates, customs duty and taxes in real-time.

With over 8 million products across numerous categories, we’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands expand their businesses and increase their profitability exponentially.

Your access to the Global Marketplace is now a reality with Exborders.