eDesk has one goal: to simplify and solve e-commerce for online sellers

eDesk offers a suite of products to help sellers all over the world accelerate growth in every aspect of their businesses. From sales, to engagement, to support, to reputation, more than 4,000 customers globally are selling more with eDesk.

eDesk is on a mission to make selling more simple. We build innovative products that allow e-commerce businesses of all sizes to fulfill their potential.

Built for e-commerce from the ground up, eDesk by eDesk gives online sellers the ability to streamline queries from all sales channels into one unified, easy-to-use helpdesk. We put all the data you need to solve a problem right there in front of you, so you can send fast, personalised responses. Order details, delivery information and any previous communication are automatically matched with incoming queries so you can resolve tickets and get back to selling. By combining all of your selling and support connections, eDesk enables you to go from ticket to resolution in a fraction of the time. eDesk enables individuals or teams to improve support, save time and increase feedback scores.

Key features include:

  • Feedback — Build reputation across channels and drive sales with the fully integrated feedback solution.
  • SLA Management — Respond to queries on time, every time.
  • Auto-Translate — Scale your business without the need for multilingual agents.
  • Snippets & Templates — Use customizable snippets and pre-built templates to send fast, accurate and personalised replies in seconds.
  • Autoresponder — Act faster and meet customer expectations with automated responses.
  • Filters — View your workflow from order type, marketplace and SLA status moving through tasks seamlessly.
  • Labels — Automatically categorise your incoming mail with bespoke labels (such as – VIP Buyers, Urgent Returns) to help efficiently manage your workflow.
  • Reporting — Analyze and report on trends and metrics like response times and message volume in your support data.
  • Invoice Generator — Automatically generate invoices on request.
  • Ticket Assignation — Automate workflows and watch workflow so you always know who is replying to a query, who is helping and who is following the query.
  • Live Chat — Easily create a chat widget for your site and instantly respond to real customers in real time to resolve issues fast and effectively.

eDesk also offers Repricer.com, a high-performance repricing tool which combines rules and algorithms to optimise your Amazon Buy Box ownership and maximise profitability.

Free 14-day trial

Visit www.edesk.com for a free 14-day trial. All our solutions are cloud hosted so there’s no installation and you can cancel at any time.