Bongo International helps Consumers and Businesses overcome the obstacles associated with international e-commerce shipments and orders. Bongo supports over 230,000 customers in over 200 countries as well as US and EU online retailers through a variety of international e-commerce solutions.

International E-Commerce Products and Services

Bongo International is a premier provider of e-commerce shopping cart solutions which help retailers expand their existing e-commerce business to international consumers. Bongo offers solutions for the full spectrum of online retailers interested in expanding globally.

Bongo Extend is a shopping cart plug-in allowing international purchases from your online store. Bongo Checkout enables merchants to safely accept international orders and protect against fraud. Bongo Export is an integrated solution providing a seamless experience for international shoppers.

Bongo Extend is a powerful shopping cart plug-in that enables international shoppers to obtain EU and US shipping addresses and make purchases from your e-commerce store immediately. Extend’s innovative and portable technology allows businesses to participate in global e-commerce without the complications of developing resources for handling global logistics. Additionally, Extend requires no regular maintenance and can typically be installed on an existing e-commerce site in less than 30 minutes.

International traffic already comes through your site naturally though organic searches. Bongo Extend is the first step in converting that traffic into profits. Our application serves as a trusted extension of your e-commerce website.

This solution provides:

  • Fast Implementation
  • Intact Consumer Analytics
  • Increased International Conversions
  • International Fraud Screening
  • Operational Efficiency
  • 1-5 Day Global Transit to over 220 Countries

Bongo Checkout is a modular e-commerce solution promoting safe acceptance of international e-commerce orders with guaranteed fraud protection. Checkout is an integrated and secure international e-commerce solution that pairs well with most e-commerce infrastructures. Additionally, Checkout is EAR compliant, and screens against the CCL and the required Denied Party Lists, saving you time and resources. Checkout also ensures compliance with all prohibitive licensing agreements, while allowing consumers to purchase approved items from your business.

Bongo Checkout provides a seamless transition to convert International traffic in addition to domestic.

Our integrated solution provides:

  • 100% fraud free transactions
  • Platform module plug ins
  • “Light” integration requirements
  • International payment options
  • Language Translation
  • 71 Currencies
  • 52 Payment Options
  • Full landed costs
  • Average 3 day delivery
  • Removal of any items that are banned due to export compliance or import compliance issues
  • No Fees

Bongo Export is a fully integrated e-commerce solution providing a seamless shopping experience for international customers while maintaining merchant brand integrity. Export uses our SOAP API. This fully customisable solution enables you to leverage all of Bongo’s Cross Border technology in a manner that’s sure to meet your needs. Export’s integration creates a seamless customer experience, ensures all orders are compliant with current Export Laws and Regulations and comes with no fees so you keep 100% of your current margin.

Bongo Export API technology creates a seamless international checkout experience and enables the merchant to maintain control over the customer service experience, while still allowing your organisation to outsource fulfilment complexities of an international e-commerce operation.

Our Bongo Export solution provides:

  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Positive Shopping Experience
  • Accurate Duty Tax Calculation
  • Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Aggressive All-Inclusive Air Discount
  • Export Compliance Management
  • HS Classification
  • Universal Tracking
  • Supports Currency Conversion
  • 1-5 Day Global Transit
  • Drop Shipper Benefits
  • Service to over 220 countries

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