In the fast-paced world of technology, one thing has remained relatively constant, the need for more women in leadership roles.

Things have improved in recent years, however, there is opportunity for so much more.

What motivates me to keep things progressing is all the incredible support I have received from allies along the way, shining a light on pathways and opportunities. With this in mind I am excited to be joining the extended leadership team at Rithum and leading the transition and drive for growth in APAC.

As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, I’m passionate about supporting, uplifting, and celebrating women in tech and promoting gender equality in the sector. It’s crucial to have women in top roles and as a woman in a senior position, I feel it is essential to give back and support others on their journey.

There has been some progress, with 2022 setting a new record for female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies (74), and I’m excited to have joined Rithum that already has a strong female presence at the senior level. With Aarthi Ramamurthy as CPO, Janay Jespersen as SVP, People Strategy and Samantha Griffin as Chief of Staff, we are moving in the right direction and thinking about what more we can do, since having diverse perspectives is critical for our success.

Diverse perspectives drive innovation

Innovation thrives on diversity. Teams with individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, are much more likely to come up with innovative solutions. Female leaders bring unique perspectives to the table, which can lead to more creative and inclusive technological advancements.

Numerous studies have shown the business benefits of diversity in a team dynamic. Analysis from consulting firm McKinsey found a strong correlation between gender diversity and ethnic and cultural diversity in corporate leadership and profitability.

Seeing is believing

You can’t be what you can’t see. Female leaders in tech serve as role models for the next generation of women considering careers in STEM. To encourage more young women to enter these roles we need to demonstrate what they can achieve.

Representation at the top can help dismantle stereotypes and biases that have historically hindered women’s progress in tech. As more women ascend to leadership roles, the industry becomes more inclusive and welcoming to women at all levels.

Improved company culture

Female leaders often bring with them a leadership style that emphasises collaboration, empathy, and inclusivity. These qualities can lead to a more positive and inclusive company culture where employees feel valued and empowered. A strong company culture can boost morale, increase employee retention, and ultimately contribute to the company’s success.

Expanding the talent pool

By promoting more female leaders in tech, companies can tap into a broader talent pool. When women see that an organisation values diversity and promotes women to leadership positions, they are more likely to consider a career with that company. This can help attract and retain top talent, giving a competitive edge in the industry.

The importance of having female leaders in the tech industry cannot be overstated. Their unique perspectives drive innovation, serve as role models, improve company culture, and recruit new talent. To thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape, the industry must continue to break down barriers and empower women to lead the way. The future of tech is diverse, inclusive, and female-led, and that is a future worth striving for.

Rithum merged with Rithum in November 2022, a move that provides customers with a unique ability to leverage a single, powerful platform giving retailers and brands the operational agility to connect with more of today’s consumers efficiently, scale their online business profitably, and grow ecommerce revenue.