With a small but wealthy population of e-commerce savvy shoppers, New Zealand represents a huge opportunity for brands. This is especially true in 2020, with New Zealand managing to navigate the challenges of COVID with minimal disruption relative to many other neighbouring economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

For premium brands, one New Zealand-based marketplace stands out – Onceit. With a customer base of over half a million New Zealanders, Onceit is the perfect platform to reach a broad range of shoppers who love premium brands at a great price.

Rithum and Onceit began working together in September 2020 and the marketplace is now fully integrated with the Rithum platform. 

About Onceit

Onceit is a one-stop e-commerce platform which offers a huge range of more than 500 local and international brands and 3,000 premium products across the fashion, beauty, homewares, cosmetics, toys and electronics sectors.

Onceit is also one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing fashion sites with 25,000+ orders per month and critically, 650,000+ loyal members. Their core customer is 80% female, aged 18-65 with disposable income – highly appealing attributes for many major brands. 

onceit screenshot

Working with Onceit
Onceit’s scale and dynamic marketing make it a sought-after platform, providing brands with access to a large and engaged customer base with massive revenue potential. Onceit aims to partner with sellers with experience in e-commerce and adds value for their customers by offering: 

  • Product exposure: Access to 650,000+ buyers across all platforms including their top-rated app
  • Brand alignment: Presence among a huge range of premium brands from New Zealand and around the world
  • Powerful digital marketing strategy: A focused landing page on the Onceit homepage and email, SEO, dynamic retargeting and social media
  • Seamless customer experience: A secure and easy-to-use checkout and quality post-sales customer service support.

Rithum’s integration with Onceit means brands can easily list and manage ranging on Onceit and other integrated marketplaces, streamlining the process, driving growth and generating faster results.