There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence these days, with countless posts about how it’s changing consumer expectations, influencing operations and transforming entire industries.

But is there anything your retail business can do to profit from AI?

When it comes to ecommerce, the answer is a resounding “yes.” And early adopters stand to benefit significantly. There are several ways you can soon start applying AI to help drive profitable growth. Here are just a few that will positively disrupt ecommerce:

  1. Go to market in minutes.
  2. Optimize your merchandise mix.
  3. Empower intelligent inventory management.

Gaining the Upper Hand with AI

Multichannel mapping, merchandise mix, inventory management — for today’s online retailers, they’re all vital to survival. While AI won’t solve every challenge, it can unlock all kinds of opportunities to get to market faster, reduce manual errors and delight customers. Best of all, it’s not a future technology that could transform the industry. AI is ready to start disrupting retail right now for businesses that choose to embrace it.

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