Storytelling has always been a part of human communication. We use stories to share experiences and connect with each other emotionally. The power of storytelling has also been harnessed effectively by retailers to connect with their customers and create a strong emotional bond that drives purchase decisions and engagement. A retailer’s brand story can be a powerful tool that helps tap into this connection and builds customer loyalty.

In today’s environment, where there is so much noise and competition for attention, retailers need to find a way to stand out and win the battle for attention. The best way to do this is by creating relevant and engaging content that tells a story which resonates with customers and is integrated across all touchpoints along the customer buying journey. The focus should be on creating and sharing content that is meaningful, aligns with what consumers care about and is not always related to promoting products or actively selling.

However, it is not enough to simply tell a story or articulate a thoughtful brand promise; retailers must also show it with a product assortment that aligns with their brand and speaks to the consumer. Using data analytics and insights, retailers can determine the types of products and categories that their customers are interested in and curate and personalize their product selection and recommendations to the individual. This means getting more specific attributes and details from suppliers and optimizing product content so that customers can always find what they are searching for.

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