The complexities of Cross Border Trade have made many brands and retailers hold off expanding to new markets. But with even more consumers relying on e-commerce in the last few months than ever before, it’s really driven home the message that buyer behaviour is changing dramatically. In an age where borders and distancing are in the news cycle daily, it’s the digital and online space that transcends this space for shoppers. 

Did you know that 56% of US, UK, German and French shoppers start with Amazon when searching for products? Your consumer is looking for your product online right now. They may be based in the US or China, but they need your products and they’re searching on marketplaces to find it. Are you showing up in their search results?

Our advice to retailers and brands is to start with Amazon. With an ever-growing customer base and massive international logistics capabilities, Amazon makes it easy to reach consumers around the world. Once you get the basics right, it becomes exponentially easier to scale to new marketplaces and regions.

Amazon Global gives you instant access to 14 Global Marketplaces in over 180 countries. Learn how Amazon Global streamlines the process of selling to international shoppers by simplifying customs, tracking orders and handling tax calculations and more in our latest eBook Mastering Cross Border Trade with Amazon.

Find out Rithum’s top tips to get started, including:

  1. Deciding where and how to sell;
  2. Listing your products
  3. Choosing your fulfilment method; and
  4. Expanding to new markets.