Kogan.com and its founder, Ruslan Kogan have been making waves ever since the online retailer first went live in 2006.

The Kogan name is now synonymous with pushing the boundaries (in the best possible way) and the smart and savvy way it continues to innovate and succeed. 2020 has been a particularly strong year for this true ‘disrupter’, with the COVID-19 pandemic driving record site traffic, transaction numbers and revenue.

Kogan lists products across a large number of categories including consumer electronics, appliances, homewares, hardware and toys, and in 2019, launched the Kogan.com Marketplace. This allowed third party suppliers and distributors to access Kogan’s vast audience of highly engaged shoppers and since then, many have enthusiastically taken up this opportunity.

In May 2020 Rithum announced its integration with the Kogan.com Marketplace, expanding our list of major marketplace partners.

Why should I sell on the Kogan.com Marketplace?

In the constantly changing e-commerce environment, it’s now more important than ever for brands and retailers to be able to reach more customers through diversified channels. Those that leverage these channels effectively have the potential to drive continued, sustainable growth and marketplaces play a key role in this.

In the case of the Kogan.com Marketplace, joining means accessing an established platform which has a huge audience and reputation – there are millions of products from thousands of brands and distributors listed there and over two million active customers. Your buyers may also be eligible to access the various benefits enjoyed by loyal Kogan customers including interest-free finance options and Qantas Frequent Flyer points rewards or to use their existing Qantas Points, Kogan Credit Card Points or Citi Reward Points to purchase products.

In short – you have the opportunity to piggy-back on more than fifteen years of hard work from the Kogan team and get your brand in front of millions of shoppers. The best part is, with our suite of custom tools, Rithum can step you through the process from start to finish, whether this is your first or fifth foray into selling on a marketplace.

Things you should know about Kogan.com

  • Is an iconic household name in Australia
  • Lists over ten million products from thousands of brands and distributors
  • Is one of the largest Australian online retail brands
  • Has over 11 million email subscribers
  • Is renowned for its focus on customer service

Driving success on the Kogan.com Marketplace with Rithum

Rithum is the perfect partner to get you set-up and selling on the Kogan.com Marketplace.

Our integration with the platform allows merchants to easily list and sell products directly to Kogan’s millions of shoppers while a robust and comprehensive suite of automation and analytics tools help transform product data and manage inventory from a single, unified platform. That means we can facilitate the flow of orders across one or multiple marketplaces simultaneously.

These streamlined processes help merchants reach new buyers on the Kogan.com Marketplace and expand their reach to capture new audiences.

Find about more about how Rithum can help your business succeed on the Kogan.com Marketplace by downloading our tip sheet Expanding Your Reach With Kogan.com.