Scaling any business can present challenges and uncover the need for more efficient processes. For Kish Kash Entertainment, they found it near-impossible to keep up with the demand of their eBay store and needed a strong foundation for their inventory management in order to grow efficiently. Rithum was able to save innumerable hours through automation and assisted Kish Kash with the established and effective Marketplace Solutions platform. 

Kish Kash is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in digital media entertainment. Their presence was growing well on their eBay store, but with this success, they found their processes and inventory management were becoming more difficult to maintain. Carl Moynan, manager at Kish Kash Entertainment, explained that their systems were becoming hard to manage manually and that they were ready to “find a tool that could centralise and automate our operational information and let us get on with growing our business long-term.”

Rithum Marketplaces was initially implemented to support the selling effort on eBay. The benefits of automation and optimised inventory management, however, proved to become ongoing strengths. They quickly grew on new marketplaces through this partnership and upgraded to the Shopify Amplifier module while also launching on Trade Me in New Zealand. “A quick crunching of some numbers and it was easy to see that the time saved using Rithum quickly paid for itself. It was a no-brainer really.”

Moynan happily reports that “the integration with Rithum has made us more efficient and removed a lot of manual work”. The platform has also provided an accurate inventory system and gave the team at Kish Kash Entertainment time to “focus on the important parts of the business.” 

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