The team at Rithum is passionate about helping our thousands of brands and retailers expand and optimise their e-commerce efforts around the world. We’re driven by providing our clients with the technology they need to stay ahead of the competition — no matter how fast the industry around them continues to evolve.  

That’s why we’re excited to share the latest round of product features and integrations that will help prepare our brands and sellers for the 2019 holiday season. 

Checkout on Instagram Support

Rithum now supports Checkout on Instagram, a premier in-app shopping experience that helps ease the path to purchase for users browsing products within the popular platform. 

Support for eBay Seller Offer to Buyer

Rithum’s support for eBay’s new Seller Offer to Buyer allows sellers to incentivize potential buyers who have left a product in their shopping cart to complete the transaction. 

Keyword Automation for Amazon Advertising

Manually creating and maintaining up-to-date lists of effective keywords for your Sponsored Products campaign is a valuable, yet tedious, process. Rithum’s latest offering automates the keyword selection process to help advertisers regain their time and get ahead of wasted spend. 

Support for Amazon Sponsored Display

Rithum’s support of Amazon’s new display advertising solution helps sellers retarget potential customers outside of Amazon to encourage them to return and complete their purchase. 

Where to Buy 360 Analytics

Rithum’s latest enhancements to the Where to Buy dashboard offers brands a more comprehensive view of retailer performance data in a single interface.

We recently held a webinar, Rithum’s Newest Product Release: October 2019, detailing this new functionality and how the newest features can help brands and retailers optimize their e-commerce operations. Scroll through the SlideShare below for a preview of the webinar, but be sure to watch the entire presentation on-demand and get a full copy of the slides.