Need a practice run for the holiday shopping season? Look to Prime Big Deal Days 2023 (formerly Prime Early Access Sale) or “Fall Prime Day” on Wednesday, October 11 and Thursday, October 12

The holiday precursor began in 2020 when Amazon shifted its annual Prime Day event from July due to the pandemic. Since then, it’s been a major sales driver for the marketplace, bringing in more than $8 billion

This year, Prime Big Deal Days is expected to benefit all e-commerce channels, as daily online sales doubled during the week of last year’s event. No matter where you sell, it’s crucial to prepare for a boost in traffic. 

Get Ready for Prime Big Deal Days 2023

Launch ad campaigns early.

Get started with any new Amazon ad campaigns so you have time for optimization and fine-tuning before the big day. Consumers shop Amazon sales specifically for deals, so be sure to offer multiple ways to save, whether Prime-exclusive discounts, coupons or promotions (e.g., buy one, get one 20% off). 

Remember to allocate appropriate budget to ad campaigns, especially those that traditionally perform well. Include both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and merchant-fulfilled items in your campaigns to ensure comprehensive coverage of your catalog. 

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Optimise listings.

Audit your Amazon listings to make sure they include engaging, detailed titles and feature bullets. Consider using A+ content to increase traffic with engaging images, videos, charts and more. We recommend including:

  • Six or more high-resolution images
  • 80+ characters in page titles
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Concise and captivating feature bullets

Bulk up inventory. 

Ensure you’ll have plenty of inventory to meet the influx of orders. Don’t want to overorder? Remember you’ll have a chance to move more inventory during the holiday season. If you fulfill through FBA, check your capacity limits and deadlines for getting inventory there by the October 11 start date. Don’t forget to advertise your Prime badge to encourage purchases, especially on high-volume SKUs. 

Prep other channels.

Amazon Prime events have been known to create a “halo effect” on similar channels and marketplaces. Target’s Deal Days and Walmart’s Rollbacks and More events now take place around the same week as Amazon’s October event. Don’t miss out on cross-channel sales potential. Plan accordingly by setting aside inventory and ad budget for similar marketplaces like Walmart, Target and eBay. Worried about competing with other listings? Try an Amazon repricer to stay competitive based on the rules you set.

Monitor results and make changes.

Prepping for Amazon deal days isn’t a “set it and forget it” exercise. Set goals based on last year’s results or July’s Prime Day performance if you participated. Then, use Amazon dashboards to track how you’re doing. You can always adjust campaigns or ad budget as you see what performs best. After the event, use the metrics to help you plan for the holiday season. 

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