In honour of International Women’s Day, we had the privilege of interviewing some of the remarkable women who play a pivotal role in the Rithum team. Each shared advice while pulling from their own experiences in the tech space.  

Be a positive ally 

In my career, I have certainly found myself being either the only woman or one of very few women in a leadership role, especially in sales and tech environments. Being a positive mentor and ally is incredibly important to me and ensuring women are represented takes a real commitment. My own learnings certainly align with what the research tells us. That is, increased female representation, particularly in leadership but certainly in general, promotes better business and employee outcomes. You’ll also start to notice enhanced creativity and problem solving, improved engagement, better decision making and improved culture and wellbeing.  

We definitely have more work to do but I’m proud to join the other inspiring women at Rithum as we continue to promote inclusion, greater female representation and celebrate the diversity of our team.    

Gordana Redzovski, Managing Director, APAC 

Design your future 

The most important piece of advice that I’ve received in my career is that my career is not going to be linear. It is going to change, and I really should embrace and seek out those new opportunities for that change.  

Take a step back and really think about designing your future and what you want your life to look like and that goes hand in hand with your career because work becomes such a huge part of your life. Focus on the people and the results will come. 

Caitlin Hauser, Vice President, Controller 

Feel empowered 

Being a woman in the tech space is so empowering. I feel a strong sense of responsibility being in a male dominated industry, to help pave the way and set standards both now and for women in the future. It’s incredible to see more and more women dive headfirst into complex problems and showcase just how brilliant they are. 

I’m lucky to work side by side with so many of them here at Rithum. It would take me all day to call out all the amazing women that I work with. But I do want to highlight a few that I see trailblazing every single day. Women like Sam Griffin, Jess Henning, Tessa Foust and Caitlin Hauser. I also think it’s important to call out all the amazing men that bolster me up daily as a female executive. Doug Wolfson, Thom Solomon, and Adam Denenberg just to name a few. They echo my voice, make me feel heard and support me through challenges.  

Janay Jespersen, SVP, People