A decade. Ten eventful, remarkable years. 

In Digital Commerce 360’s 2022 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers, Rithum achieved recognition as the #1 channel management vendor in the industry — for the tenth year in a row. 

A lot has happened in e-commerce over the last 10 years, and we know more change will come. It’s the nature of our business. However, through the extensive evolution that has occurred since its launch in 2001, Rithum has remained committed to helping brands and retailers continue to adapt, optimise and improve their daily operations, grow their sales and increase the satisfaction of their customers. 

“In the early days of channel management, it was all about connections, product data, inventory quantities and orders. That’s still important, but simple channel management solutions no longer cut it for brands and retailers that want to stand out among the crowd,” Chief Marketing Officer Mike Shapaker said in an interview with Digital Commerce 360. “A multichannel commerce platform must support sophisticated repricing algorithms, product data optimisation and syndication, advertising, and connections to fulfillment and shipping partners. And it should include analytics that highlight performance, enable action, and provide insight into the competitive landscape.”

Digital Commerce 360’s annual Top 1000 report lists the most trusted vendors supporting top brands and retailers competing across global marketplaces, search engines, shopping sites, social media platforms, and more. In this year’s categories, Rithum also won recognition as a leading provider in both online advertising and search engine marketing. 

Read the full 2022 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers report for more details, news and statistics on the state of e-commerce. Download it now.