Cross border selling has been steadily increasing which has shown there is a genuine appetite from global shoppers to buy product that is not readily available in their domestic country. But how much more of that product would be bought if it was available to be delivered within 72 hours for the shopper and none of the complications to the seller?

EUIOR was set up specifically to open up the EU to non EU sellers. We work with you to import your stock as an EU entity, immediately breaking down many barriers to importing and onward selling.

Then working with Channel Advisor we help you list your product on EU marketplaces, a number of whom will only work with EU entities or sellers who have stock in the marketplaces domestic country. This opens up a whole new shopper base you have not been able to currently access.

Who you are:

  • A non EU based seller looking for a hassle free way to sell and fulfill to EU-based shoppers
  • A post-Brexit UK seller who previously enjoyed substantial sales to EU shoppers

What you need:

  • Products on the ground inside the EU
  • Fast delivery times to EU shoppers
  • Zero cross border selling, tax and duty complications

How we help:

  • We can provide a unique EU entity for every seller
  • Hassle free movement of product from seller country to EU warehousing
  • In depth knowledge of EU marketplaces best suited to your product
  • Product delivered to any EU shopper within 1-3 days

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