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Supplier Discovery for Retailers

Meet demand, drive sales, boost profits

Meet customer demands faster, tap into market insights, and discover new product SKUs, categories, and trends that set you apart. Our smart tool delves deep into market trends, consumer behavior, and retail performance. It’s your shortcut to growth.

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All-Access Onboarding

Redefining rapid supplier onboarding

We’re committed to swift, efficient, and user-friendly onboarding — and our reputation proves it. Rithum empowers retailers by providing streamlined access to our extensive supplier network and cutting-edge capabilities, offering visibility and control throughout the entire onboarding process.

Market insights, bespoke recommendations, profitable product opportunities

Find the right partners quickly and easily to keep sales moving with less effort than ever.

One-to-many scale

Easily partner with hundreds of new suppliers and brands, so you can expand your catalog, test new products, and create a better customer experience.

Operational efficiency

No more wondering and waiting. Maintain a direct line of visibility with your suppliers and a direct line of communication with Rithum’s support team.

Data to help you grow

Get clearer insights and make faster, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics that deliver more clarity across all your growing network of quality suppliers.

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Growing your brand takes a solution as big as your goals. With support for 420+ marketplaces and retail sites — and the expertise to support you every step of the way, there’s a reason 40K+ global customers trust us to help them grow faster, simpler, and more profitably.

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