Partnering with Rithum is a strategic move for Zip Ship Inc to expand its reach and increase its online presence.

Rithum is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses connect with various online marketplaces, manage their product listings, and streamline their e-commerce operations. Through our partnership with Rithum we achieve the following: Enhance the Value Proposition: Zip Ship Inc provides value to Rithum and its customers, but offer its services to Rithums’s clients.

These services complement and enhance Rithum’s e-commerce ecosystem.

  • Integrate Technically: Zip Ship integrates technically with Rithum’s platform. Our integration requirements make it easy for Rithum’s clients to connect and deploy with Zip Ship.
  • Launch and Support: With our partnership in place, we work closely with Rithum to ensure a smooth launch. Through excellent customer support, we address any issues promptly to maintain a positive relationship.
  • Evaluate and Iterate: We continually evaluate the partnership’s success and gather feedback from both customers and the Rithum team. We use this feedback to make improvements and iterate on the partnership.