exporto is one of the fastest-growing logistic- and software providers for midsize and large companies. We offer leading cross-border products for logistics, customs, tax and returns processes within Europe.

exporto combines innovative technology with proven logistics and develops automated solutions for international e-commerce. Online retailers are able to benefit from the enormous purchasing power in Europe and serve also non-EU markets such as Switzerland, the UK and Norway by delivering their cross-border parcels in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way.

Via an integrated interface to Channel Advisor exporto receives all necessary product- and order-data needed to take care about the customs and tax aspects of the retailers’ marketplace orders so that no further technical implementation is required. In case they also want exporto to handle logistics, an additional connection to their WMS might be necessary. Furthermore, the retailer then only has to decide whether to use an own fiscal representation in the local country or to use exporto as representative.

Via the Channel Advisor and exporto collaboration, retailers will be able to ship to the most exciting European markets the fastest (in most cases in less than 72 hours) and with the best customer experience (use of local carriers and delivery methods), automate customs and tax issues, choose your preferred transport provider in the destination country with all delivery options, handle returns and analyze data along the entire supply chain. exporto is your all-in-one solution for your cross-border growth in Europe.