The Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Rithum shows how adopting Rithum Managed Marketplaces allowed four brands to enhance their multichannel presence, streamline operations, and drive profitable growth.

How? Rithum enables brands to connect product listings, inventories and other management systems with global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Zalando, and more.

Forrester combined four brands into a single composite organization with $2.5 billion in revenues including an expanding marketplace business. The study showed that brands improved speed to market by 50% and achieved 191% return on investment over three years. Brands experienced 60% sales growth in the first year with a multichannel selling strategy using Rithum.

How to estimate your brand’s savings

To find out how your business could perform, use the interactive Forrester Consulting ROI Calculator to see the estimated benefits you could have with Rithum’s Commerce Solutions.

Here’s how to navigate the calculator:

  1. Visit The Total Economic Impact™ of Rithum Managed Marketplaces website
  2. On the right-hand side of the web page, you will see a blue tab: Configure Data
  3. When the tab expands, click on the lower right corner arrow.
  4. There are two tabs: Study Data and Custom Data, click on Custom Data to input your brand’s values.
  5. Fill out your organization name, current total annual GMV from all marketplaces, current number of directly managed marketplaces, and number of new marketplaces to add to Rithum each year.
  6. Click on the blue button: See Results
  7. Scroll down the web page. You’ll notice the blue bordered sections that provide details calculated according to your unique information.
  8. Or click on the black box: Download Analysis to save a copy.

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