Rithum has won the 2024 Platinum Hermes Creative Award for AI Innovation with our AI Magic Mapper tool. This award highlights Rithum’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help brands boost profitability in third-party (3P) commerce.

The International Hermes Creative Awards is an annual competition recognizing achievements across 200 categories grouped under advertising, publications, marketing, branding, integrated marketing, public relations/communications, electronic media and pro bono.

The awards are administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

To help brands quickly and accurately adapt their marketplace strategies, Rithum’s AI Magic Mapper automates the resource-heavy process of mapping products to relevant marketplace categories.

This tool reduces onboarding times and enables sellers to start selling faster across multiple channels. It automates the labor-intensive task of matching products with channel categories and templates. AI Magic Mapper is especially beneficial for brands with large catalogs containing thousands or hundreds of thousands of products.

“By strengthening channel expansion efforts and minimizing listing friction, AI Magic Mapper sets a new standard in the industry. I’m proud of our team’s dedication and creativity. They have been instrumental in earning this prestigious award. It’s great to see how this tool helps our customers expand their business and achieve greater success, faster,” said Louis Camassa, Group Product Manager at Rithum.

Ongoing AI innovation for product field mapping

AI Magic Mapper allows brands to automatically categorize products. Brands can also spot-check and refine product details, and quickly visualize and curate product catalogs. Rithum continues to invest in AI and will also introduce an upgraded attribute mapping process. This will guide users through the selection of mandatory and optional attributes to enhance product listings. Using AI, Rithum’s offerings can help brands’ products be positioned in marketplaces to promote sales growth.

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