Identify and Recover Refunds for Amazon Sellers and Vendors


Refund Sniper performs quarterly audits on Amazon seller accounts, going back a full 18 months at each audit. The audit process verifies every FBA product you’ve listed in Amazon is either in stock, sold or reimbursed. The Refund Sniper system tracks the entire product cycle for each of your items to ensure all are accounted for and refunds are received for what is owed.

The goal of each audit is to account for every unit sent into FBA during that time. When an item’s location or status cannot be verified, Refund Sniper files a case with Amazon for reimbursement. Refund Sniper can work with any Rithum client that would like a quarterly audit of their FBA inventory to ensure that no money owed is left behind. Refund Sniper audits Vendor Central accounts as well.

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