Automate and Streamline Automotive Parts Sales with PDM


PDM Automotive provides a cloud-based platform for suppliers and brands to effectively and efficiently manage product and fitment data to improve communication, efficiencies and revenue between business partners. Suppliers and brands can create and maintain clean, accurate product data and integrate and/or export products to approved Rithum clients. This process aims to simplify importing, updating and exporting product attribute data to the Rithum sales channels.
PDM Automotive provides a turnkey solution for:

  • Brands and suppliers to create and manage their automotive product content data to meet or exceed industry standards and distribute to authorized sales channels.
  • Resellers can access and utilize brand and supplier data effectively and efficiently to support sales channels, such as parts catalogs, e-commerce sites and online marketplaces.

PDM was founded in 2017 on the principle that creating, distributing and consuming high-quality automotive product data should be easy and transparent — and improve sales. The company creates experiences where brands feel empowered to take charge of their own data, resellers have seamless access to all product information in real time and service providers can add their own special contributions to the process. PDM does this by engaging with like-minded organizations, listening and utilizing the latest technologies to create an intuitive platform for the flow of high-quality automotive product data among all our customers’ trading partners.

PDM is a technology-first company, with a team of engineers that develop code and algorithms with unique and proprietary features such as:

  • An intuitive interface that streamlines data communication
  • Live data validation with immediate feedback and actionable “quick fixes”
  • Workflow automation and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrations
  • E-commerce integrations with various APIs to drive data transfer and make/model/year search capabilities
  • Centralized location from which users can collaborate with all product data

PDM’s technology provides exceptional communication between manufacturers, resellers and service providers to enhance sales, marketing and product logistics. PDM utilizes technology to leverage product data available with industry standards such as ACES and PIES from the Auto Care Association or virtually any unique data structure.

Drive a new era of seamless and effortless data technology connections between business partners in the automotive industry.

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