Payoneer is the largest provider of currency conversion for Amazon sellers with over 70,000 active sellers on its platform. Payoneer collection accounts enable sellers to collect earnings from foreign marketplaces in that local currency and convert to their own local bank accounts with reduced foreign exchange rates that tier down for high volume sellers. Payoneer provides such accounts in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY, RMB, AUD and MXP, supporting all Amazon Global Selling marketplaces.

Additional features:
Pay with Payoneer – In addition to providing a low cost currency conversion solution, Payoneer offers it’s cross border sellers the added flexibility of using their earned currencies to make local payments for free. Whether a seller needs to pay a foreign supplier or vendor or to pay their VAT obligations to the local tax authorities, Payoneer gives sellers the ability to do more with their foreign accounts reducing the need for double currency conversions. Payoneer also offers other paying options including debit cards in USD, GBP and EUR allowing account holder to make purchases with their funded debit cards. Channel Advisor subscribers from APAC will soon be able to use their Payoneer account balances to pay their Channel Advisor subscription.

Grow with Payoneer – Like Channel Advisor, Payoneer promotes growth through marketplace expansion. In addition to our partnership with Amazon, multi-channel sellers can use their Payoneer foreign accounts on many other international marketplaces to collect in local currency and repatriate back to their bank. Payoneer partners with many of the marketplaces supported by Channel Advisor, enabling sellers to grow both multi-country and multi-marketplaces.

Payoneer is easy to use and can be accessed via a secure payments portal. Payoneer has APIs and is building integrations to accounting and eCommerce ERPs. Payoneer also offers online features such as Store Manager to manage your multiple channels. And Payoneer is fast, providing account holders with same day transfers so you can convert your foreign earnings quickly.

About Payoneer – Headquartered in NYC, Payoneer has over 1,000 employees spread across offices in 10 countries. Payoneer supports over 150 currencies and can make payments into 200 countries supported by over 46 corresponding banking partnerships. Payoneer maintains 27 / 7 customer support in 35 languages and is a regulated MSB in US and Japan, E-Money licensed for the EU and a licensed MSO in Hong Kong. Payoneer is profitable and well-funded, we announced a Series E in October 2016 of $180mm.