Payoneer helps businesses expand globally by solving the challenges related to international payments, while making it easier for companies and professionals within the Payoneer ecosystem to conduct business with each other.

Payoneer is a regulated online cross-border payment and escrow service provider with a broad geographical coverage—we support payments to over 200 countries and regions in over 150 currencies. We are the preferred payment provider for 3 million businesses around the world. Our goal is to maximise payment flexibility and speed for vendors, as well as minimising risks and costs.

Leading global brands such as Amazon, Lazada, and Wish have chosen Payoneer as their global mass payment service provider. Join millions of businesses already using Payoneer to get paid by marketplaces and companies around the world. Here are some of the immediate benefits you will get:

  • Set up a Payoneer Account online once and easily link it to your profile on multiple marketplaces
  • Receive money into your Payoneer Account in USD, GBP, Euro or JPY within minutes, and transfer it to your local bank account for immediate access
  • Make free in-network payments to your suppliers
  • Get tiered pricing based on your cumulative earnings across all marketplaces
  • Relax knowing that if anything happens to your payments our 24/7 customer support—available in 35 languages—is there for you

Payoneer is licensed and registered in the USA, EU, India and Japan and adheres to the highest compliance standards and security levels to help mitigate risks associated with global commerce. Receive funds from any of the marketplaces who have integrated our mass payout solution– directly into your Payoneer Account—and take advantage of lower fees and faster payments.