Leverage Rithum’s centralized management platform with DesktopShipper’s robust shipping solutions. This integration provides customers with efficient multichannel fulfillment and shipping capabilities to help optimize shipping processes. Choose DesktopShipper and Rithum for a simple, streamlined, and efficient e-commerce shipping solution.

DesktopShipper is a web app, on-premise, and API shipping solution designed to help small to large online retailers and 3PLs collect, synchronize, and process orders. Instantly access today’s lowest carrier rates and personalize your business rules faster than ever before. With DesktopShipper, businesses can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and build confidence in their shipping operations.

Real-time Rate Shopping

DesktopShipper’s rate shopping feature allows you to compare real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers based on your preferred carriers and business rules. You can view the best price per parcel, zone, weight, and size. By using DesktopShipper’s rate shopping feature, businesses can save an average of $3.30 per order and streamline their shipping operations.

Address Validation

DesktopShipper’s address validation feature provides an extra layer of accuracy to ensure your orders are delivered to the correct address. By verifying if addresses are correct and if they are residential vs commercial, this tool flags errors that may have been imputed incorrectly by customers. This extra layer of accuracy minimizes the risk of shipping delays, returns, or lost packages, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs associated with misdeliveries. Choose DesktopShipper and ship with confidence knowing your packages are going to the right address. Be confident in your shipping with our address validation tool.

Easy Scan & Print

DesktopShipper’s Scan and Print feature helps shippers get orders out the door quickly and efficiently. Users can scan packing slips or order information, like Order ID, SKU, or LPN, to automatically print shipping labels or packing slips. This feature is further enhanced when used in conjunction with our Scan Verify tool. This combination eliminates the potential for shipping incorrect items by confirming that the correct items are included in each box. This can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors that can occur when manually copying information from a packing slip to a shipping label. With Scan and Print, DesktopShipper can recognize the order information and automatically generate the necessary labels, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving the efficiency of the shipping process.

Tracking and Reporting

DesktopShipper’s tracking and reporting features provide complete visibility and control over your shipments, from start to finish. Real-time updates on tracking numbers, carrier information, and delivery confirmation help you monitor your shipments easily. By integrating with Rithum, shipment data is automatically exported back into the Rithum UI, making it easy to manage and review all shipment data in one place. This automation can help you streamline your shipping operations, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction by identifying areas for improvement, such as carrier performance, shipping costs, and delivery times. With DesktopShipper workflow automations, tracking and reporting allows you to stay ahead of your shipments and make data-driven decisions to optimize your business.