Automotive Aftermarket Data and E-Commerce Experts


Growing automotive companies struggle with product data. The good news? Cellacore solves automotive product data problems.

A leading automotive aftermarket e-commerce and product data company in North America, Cellacore provides enterprise clients with easy-to-use technology to solve complex business problems. Its flagship technology, Product Desk, is an automotive aftermarket product information management (PIM) solution. With Product Desk, companies are empowered to manage and consume their own product data within industry standards, such as ACES, PIES and TecDoc. Cellacore provides a standard API model for data exchange. Its comprehensive data integration with Rithum allows users to seamlessly sell products on marketplaces.

By leveraging Cellacore’s PIM, discerning companies can expose with ease automotive fitment enabling users or clients to look up auto parts based on the year, make, model and submodel. Cellacore leverages ACES standards or consumes ACES files for a quick and easy way for users to search for year, make or model on your website or marketplace listings.

Cellacore is a proud member of SEMA, Auto Care Association, AASA and CAWA. Cellacore is honored to support these world-class industry organizations to advance the automotive aftermarket.

If you are selling auto parts and want to sell more efficiently, contact Cellacore today to learn more.